Redbud Transcription Services

Now until December 18th get your first 5 minutes of any audio or video 10 minutes or longer transcribed for free.  

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Only 1 offer per customer. 

Standard Services

Whatever your transcription needs are, we have you covered. These are the main types of transcriptions that we do, but if you need to customize your transcript we are more than happy to help you out. Email us or give us a call to get started today. 


Default style

Just $0.75/audio minute

Get an accurate, clean, easy to read transcript without any stutters, false starts, or speech disfluencies. 


Only $0.90/audio minute

Get a transcript of exactly what is said in your recording including any stutters, false starts, and speech disfluencies. 

Document Transcription


Have any notes, PDFs, or other documents transcribed by our professionals.

Optional extras

Rush Delivery

Choose this option if you need your transcript sooner than the average 2 to 7 days.


We can add timestamps at any interval you would like to your finished transcript.

Paper copy of transcript

We will mail you a paper copy of your transcript.

Please upload your file for transcription below or contact us for more information.