Redbud Transcription Services

Standard Services

Standard Non-Verbatim transcription

Transcript without stutters, false starts, and speech disfluencies.

$0.75/ audio minute

Verbatim Transcription

Transcript with exactly what was said including stutters, false starts, and speech disfluencies.

$0.90/audio minute

Document Transcription

Have your old handwritten notes, PDFs, and other documents transcribed.


Additional add-ons


We will add timestamps at intervals that you choose.

$0.10 more per audio minute

Rush Delivery

Your transcript will be done same day.

Longer projects may take more time.

$0.20 more per audio minute

Paper copy of transcript

We will mail you a printed copy of your completed  transcript. 

$0.10/page plus shipping costs

At this time we are only able to accept Paypal payments. 

We do give discounts for referrals and ongoing work, call or email us to find out more.