How transcription can help your podcast


So you have a podcast and a website about your podcast but how can you increase your podcast audience? Having your podcasts transcribed can help you get more webdite visitors and more people engaging with your podcast's website. 

When you have your podcast transcribed you can add it to your website to help maxmize SEO, add more content to your website, and it will make your podcast more sharable to have a text version of it. Also having your podcast transcribed makes it easier for you to create new blog posts by referring to the transcript of your podcast, or using whole sections of it to form your post.

Another  great reason to have your podcast transcribed is to make your podcast available to people with hearing impairments. Not everyone can listen to podcasts but if you have a transcript of your podcasts you can help grow your audience by including people with hearing impairments.

There are many advantages to having your podcasts transcribed, so if youre ready to increase traffic to your podcast call or email us to get started.